Saturday, November 18, 2006

10 best extensions for Firefox 2

The latest major update of Mozilla Firefox incorporates functionality from the most popular extensions for the previous version. So, what will the future bring? To use the potential features of the next version of Firefox today, install the Firefox 2 extensions that won the hearts of editors Seth Rosenblatt and Peter Butler. And if you haven't tried Firefox yet, download it here.


Why bother switching to another application to manage your music player when you've got this extension? This summer's update to version 2 added a host of Web functionality, such as searching for artists, photos, lyrics and albums on a variety of sites.

Click here to learn more and download FoxyTunes.


Tab Mix Plus

Don't like the new close button on each tab? Do you miss the multiple rows of tabs when they exceeded the width of your screen? This add-on can change those settings and almost everything else associated with tabs. Use your scroll wheel to browse through open tabs, or control tab switching via mouse gestures.

Click here to learn more and download Tab Mix Plus.


MR Tech Local Install

Not only will this extension-manager extension give you comprehensive control over all aspects of your add-ons, it can override the MaxVersionNumber of older extensions that haven't been updated for version 2. It's worth installing for the "Restart Firefox" functionality alone.

Click here to learn more and download MR Tech Local Install.


Download Statusbar

Download Statusbar takes the idea of the Download Manager, sticks it in a minimizable toolbar, and then tacks on some cool functionality. From the full mode, you can rename or delete downloaded files, or copy the source URL to the clipboard. Mini-mode changes the app to an unobtrusive progress monitor, with the full mode a click away.

Click here to learn more and download Download Statusbar.



With this option-laden weather-monitoring plug-in, you can choose between Celsius or Fahrenheit, create different location profiles and adjust when and how the extended forecast appears. There also are customizable icons, optional labels, day and night settings, and ForecastFox even differentiates between today's forecast and current conditions.

Click here to learn more and download ForecastFox.

All-in-One Sidebar

Firefox users who get accustomed to this wonderful extension rarely go back to the clunky default Firefox add-on window. From one clickable and customizable sidebar, you can access your history, bookmarks, downloads, extensions and themes, as well as an endless amount of content via other extensions.

Click here to learn more and download All-in-One Sidebar.

IE Tab

Extremely useful for those sites that require Internet Explorer and for testing purposes, this add-on loads any Web page as IE would display it, in the Firefox browser. A simple button in the Firefox status bar quickly and easily switches sites to IE and back. You also can specify some sites to always open with IE Tab.

Click here to learn more and download IE Tab.

Firefox Showcase

Despite some strong competition from Tab Catalog, this tab-thumbnail extension still gets our pick for its strong customization options and ability to show collections of tab previews in a variety of browser locations. One neat tip: clicking the scroll wheel on a thumbnail magnifies it.

Click here to learn more and download Firefox Showcase.


As a social networker, bookmarker and site reviewer rolled into one, this extension wears many hats. "Stumbling" takes one click, and interactive icons make rating sites a cinch. Combined with the topic chooser, the additional one-click features give Web surfing a useful unpredictability TV just can't match.

Click here to learn more and download StumbleUpon.

Ook? Video Ook!

This extension for downloading embedded media is preferable to similar add-ons because it lets you go bananas with video. It offers one-click downloading, and it can save videos in their native formats--Flash video, WMP or MOV. Also, it saves YouTube videos with their original file names or those of your choosing--not some nonsensical code.

Click here to learn more and download Ook? Video Ook!



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